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Golden Jubilee Celebration 1972-2022

St. Dominic Association celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 30th October 2022. The celebration began with a Thanksgiving Holy Eucharist offered with the parishioners at 8:00 am. In the evening at 6:00 pm cultural program was staged during which felicitation of past directors, Presidents was organised. Mr. Prakash D’Sa, Income Tax Officer and ex-member of St. Dominic Association was the Chief Guest. President of the program fr. Daniel Veigas, Assitant Parish Priest fr. Dileep Veigas, Parish Pastoral Council Vice President Mr. Maxim Crasta, Secretary Mrs. Noreen Pinto, Coordinator of Committees Mrs. Deborah Locker and President of the Association Mr. Roshan Crasta, Secretary Mrs. Sujatha Mendonca and convener Mr. Sathish D’Souza convener of Golden Jubilee celebration were present on the dais.

Fifty years’ report of the Association was presented in brief by the Secretary Mrs. Sujatha Mendonca. The cultural evening was marked with performances like Music, Skit, dance and entertainment. The entire program was compered by Mr. Julian D’Souza, Mrs. Pramila Rodrigues, and Mr.Walvin Castelino. The Parish community actively participated in the celebration. The festal dinner for all present marked the end of celebration.