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Pilgrimage tour of Catholic Sabha Ashoknagar

The Catholic Sabha Ashoknagar Unit arranged a pilgrimage tour to Monte Mariano Church, Farangipet and Infant Jesus Church, Uliya near Sahyadri Institute of Technology, on Sunday 17th March 2019. Mrs. Noreen Pinto and Mrs. Reena Pereira were the co-ordinators. After 8 O’clock Mass, around 46 people consisting of catholic sabha members along with the parishioners and seminarians boarded the bus arranged for the tour. The parish priest, Rev. Fr. Aquin Noronha wished them a safe journey and a enjoyable day. The senior most person among the pilgrims was Mrs. Lucy Monteiro, 92 years. The journey began with a hymn to the Holy Spirit.

On reaching Monte Mariano church, the members were welcomed by the priest and they all had breakfast. Later, all those celebrating their birthdays in March were made to cut the cake and others sang for them and wished them. Then they conducted the way of the cross and spent time in the chapel praying.

After this all gathered in the hall wherein Mr. Ronald Colaco- president of Catholic Sabha greeted Fr Gerald Lobo and other members of the community. Fr. Gerald gave a brief history of ‘Monte Mariano church which dates back to 1763. Fr. Joachim Miranda a goan priest cared for the spiritual needs of the catholic and owing to his exceptional holiness, Fr. Miranda won the friendship of Hyder ali . When Tippu’s horsemen arrived to plunder the Monte Mariano monastery, it is known that Fr Miranda showed the copper plate given by Hyder Ali, authorizing the rights of land for worship. Hence, the soldiers spared the monastery from plundering.

There was entertainment by the members wherein Mr.Ronald colaco and Mr. Winson D’souza – secretary of catholic sabha enacted a skit and also conducted some games. The seminarians as well as members of catholic sabha sang songs. The prize winners were awarded prizes. Mr.Winson D’Souza was the M.C. of this event.

One of the ladies from the group shared her testimony as to how her faith in Infant Jesus helped her get back her finger ring which was lost in the hospital wash room. And now her faith in Infant Jesus has increased even more.

After a sumptuous dinner and evening tea the members boarded the bus to visit Infant Jesus church at Uliya. It was a pleasant experience travelling on the bridge crossing the river which was scenic. At the church the members prayed the Litany of Divine Mercy.

On the return from the church two of the elderly ladies had difficulty walking back to the bus, but they witnessed a miracle when one of the families who had come there offered to drive them to where the bus was parked thus proving that God hears our prayers instantaneously and provides the needy with good Samaritans.

As they returned back home all thanked the Lord almighty for blessing them and being with them all through out the day. Most of them were visiting these places for the first time. The members thanked the president and office bearers of catholic sabha for taking special care of the elderly and being caring towards them.