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Catalyst (Programme For Youth)

To commemorate the Year of Youth 2019, the ICYM, Ashoknagar Unit Mangalore organised “CATALYST” a one day programme for youth in the age group of 16-30 years on the 29th of September 2019.

The mass at 8 AM was celebrated by Fr.Ashwin Cardoza - designated director for ICYM. He in his homily encouraged the youth to be proactive in the church and encouraged them to be dedicated in service. The liturgy was conducted by the youth of the Parish who were present in good numbers.

70 youth gathered in St.Dominic parish hall for breakfast and were activated with an action song by Carlton and Cleophas. Mr. Welwin Castelino, the MC for the day, welcomed each and everyone.

The program started by invoking blessings of the Almighty with a prayer song. ICYM President Anisha D'Souza welcomed the gathering. The inauguration of Catalyst was done in a very innovative manner by placing each alphabet of the word “CATALYST”, lighting the candles by Fr.Ashwin Cardoza-designate director-ICYM, Fr. Aquin Noronha - Parish priest, Mr. Isaac Furtado- Parish council secretary , Anisha D'Souza - ICYM President , Carlton Lobo - ICYM Secretary , Chris Crasta - ICYM Treasurer and Mrs.Debbie Locker- ICYM Co-ordinator.

Fr Aquin Noronha, in his address to the youth, spoke about how youth can be catalysts and spearhead change in others and influence their peers to become responsible citizens. He said youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and play an important role in the church and society. He said that empowered youth could become youth catalysts.

Icebreakers were conducted to familiarize everyone with each other and to energise them.

Fr. Rupesh Madtha- director YCS Mangalore Diocese- gave an inspirational and motivating talk on the role of youth in the church. He addressed the issues of youth and how they are misunderstood many a times. He described youth life with an analogy of how a stone thrown in a pond forms ripples that spread far and wide. He mentioned that the youth, in the same way, could motivate each other through their life. He also focussed on how we need to gather together and how helpful it is to have unity as youth to develop each other and the community at large.

The post lunch session was graced by Dr. Laveena Noronha - Director Ave Maria Palliative Care - who provided insights on Stress management and explained the causes, prevention and remedies to avoid stress. She also mentioned that anger in itself was not bad but the way one controls anger was important. Many times situations cannot be changed but we need to change ourselves and adapt to situations and have a positive outlook in life.

Chris Crasta, member of ICYM shared his life testimony about how we need to surrender our lives to God and depend on His graces in order to lead a fruitful life which was very inspiring to the youth.

The youth were entertained after each session with action songs and games which were conducted by Rhea Monteiro, Debbie Locker and few of the ICYM members.

Vernon Serrao mesmerised the crowd with his beatboxing performance. Lunch and snacks were provided to all participants and prizes were distributed to the winners of the games.

The program ended with sharing by the youth who expressed that they had a lovely time. The vote of thanks was delivered by ICYM secretary Carlton Lobo. Fr. Aquin also expressed his gratitude to the ICYM members and the youth co-ordinator for their service and the youth for their active participation.