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G.O.A.L. Go Out And Lead- A Programme For Youth

In commemoration of the Parish Golden Jubilee Celebrations , the ICYM unit of St. Dominic Church, Ashoknagar organized G.O.A.L- Go Out And Lead" for the youth of the parish in the age group of 14-30 years on the 28th of February 2021.

The Holy Eucharist celebration began at 4:00pm with Fr. Robert D’souza- Principal of Lourdes Central school, Bejai being the main celebrant. Fr Robert in his homily encouraged the youth to look beyond the ordinary, be unique and come out of their comfort zones and not to remain stagnant . He spoke on the importance of team work and how socializing helps in building an individual. The liturgy was conducted by the youth of the parish who were present in good numbers.

Soon after the mass everyone gathered in the parish hall for the interactive sessions . The MC – Ms. Jenifer Castelino welcomed the gathering. Rev. Fr Aquin Noronha- Parish Priest and Director of ICYM Ashoknagar spoke on the theme 'G.O.A.L.' . In his message he mentioned how Jesus told his disciples to go out and proclaim the good news. He said that the youth of today are talented and energetic. They need to channelize their talents in a positive direction and be active in the church which will help them to enhance their talents . Youth are called to lead and inorder to lead others one should have the qualities of a good leader and be able to work as a team encouraging each other. They need to have good control over their emotions, feelings, have healthy friendships and relationships.

Fr. Anil Fernandes, SVD from Divine Call Centre, Mulki was one of the resource persons who was introduced to the gathering by Mr. Wilton Pinto- “Amcho Yuvak “ representative. Fr. Anil in his talk on “Youth & Emotions” spoke on the various emotions viz: anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, shame and guilt. He shared instances from his own life and how he was able to overcome some of the negative emotions. He emphasized on the importance and the Power of the Word of God in breaking all shackles and how as youth they need to sleep well in order to remain healthy physically and work on their negativity by sharing it with persons who can be of help to them.

It was a great privilege to have Fr. Ashwin Cardoza - The ICYM director of Mangalore Diocese grace the occasion. He in his address to the youth narrated a thought provoking story of 'Sheep Thief to St.' which was inspiring to the youth to let go of any guilt and shame and focus on their good and positive talents.

Soon after the first session refreshments were served and some entertaining games were conducted by the ICYM members for the youth to energize them.

The second session was delivered by Mr. & Mrs. Jeswin and Lavisha Castelino who were introduced to the gathering by Ms. Jean Lobo- president ICYM, Ashoknagar unit . They spoke on dating and relationship. They touched upon the initial feeling of love, the wrong notion of love that the world speaks of and what really the Catholic Church speaks about. The right time for a youth to get into a relationship and how getting into a relationship during student days can hamper the future and restrict development of the youth was also shared along with life examples.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Preethisha Menezes- the ICYM secretary.

Around 120 youth were present. The event was well coordinated by Cleophas Mendonca, the event head and the whole ICYM team of St. Dominic Church assisted in organising this event.